Acoustic Ecology

As a researcher, I am interested in exploring the sonic relationships that underlie our world. I believe that by paying attention to our acoustic environment and our impact on it, we can learn how to relate to our natural spaces in a more positive way. 

My work is both scientific and creative. I carry out acoustic surveys that examine the impact of sounds on natural spaces, and I use field recordings as foundational material for music compositions. For me, both of these practices are inextricably linked, and each each informs the other.

Acoustic Ecology Projects

Resonance Ecology

Field recoridng surveys carried out in Patagonia, Iceland, and the Chihuahan Desert. Culminating in a system that creates soundscape compostions as a reaction to a live performance. Further Reading Here

Aural Snapshots of Patagonia (link to PDF)

An examination of three ecosystems on Isle Navarrino and Yendegaia National Park, examining the changes in these precarious ecosystems.

Padre Island Artist in Residence

A week long survey of the various regions of Padre Island National Seashore. Both Slivers Wavering into Horizons for Clarinet and Reflections of a Sea Bean resulted from this residency.


Field Recording surveys across the American Southwest including Guadalupe Mountains, Grand Canyon, and Zion Canyon National Park. Culminated in the composition and performance of EverWind for full orchestra and fixed media.

Future Projects

Fulbright/National Science Foundation Arctic Research Award